Spiritual Gallery

 Spirit, Spirit speak to me!
direct my Chi
that I may see.

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Spirit Beginnings
(16" H x 20" W)

Sometimes hidden but always alive with Passion!


Power of Eleven (painted 1-11-2007)
(20" H x 16" W)

High spiritual number. The balance of one-and-one, male and female, and the perfection of everything.


Earth and Spirit
(20" H x 16" W)

Earth gives us drives and passions. Spirit enjoys connection to am unlimited universe.


Red Road
(20" H x 16" W)

Red road is living in harmony between earth and spirit.


Four Directions
(16" H x 20" W)

Medicine wheel...medicine wheel.
Even when I trip,
       guide me to your gifts.


Spirit Journey
(16" H x 20" W)

Let me go with Love. When time brings me to my spirit home.


Star Travelers
(16" H x 20" W)

Look to the stars! Timeless answers await, drifting deep in the cosmic wake.

SOLD - cards only


Divine Connection
(10" H x 8" W)

I am a divine child of the universe. I stand in magnificent harmony between earth and spirit. My expression is Love. My heart joyfully feels the spark of the diamond, where all are connected to the Love of the GODDESS and GOD.

My being flows with the spirit of the medicine wheel, receiving love and guidance from the four directions. I send love to the sun, moon, and earth for all that it freely gives including food, shelter, and magnificent beauty!

I am blessed!

A quote from Hafiz poetry, Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth ‘you owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky!

The pyramid also stands with me sending healing energy of love to the earth and its people.

My prayer is that you also stand with me, sending and receiving love!