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In 2008, I had an acute subdural hematoma, a type of stroke that more often than not proves fatal.  I am back to 100% and my husband, Philip Rastocny, wrote a book about my amazing recovery titled Althea: A Story of Love.  I warmly invite you to read this powerful and moving book that provides insights to anyone dealing with challenging issues in relationships.  What Philip convincingly conveys is the depth of commitment anyone assumes when working with someone with a debilitating life challenge and how to unconditionally love during this prolonged commitment.  He shows you what it takes to support someone in their darkest hours.

Documenting the first 30 days in and out of the hospital, this book not only recounts my metaphysical experiences but also details the numerous coincidences (if you believe in such things) during the curing process while flashing back to many adventures from my earlier life.  A labor of love, this book will touch your heart and show you the power of true love.

As you can see from the sample covers below, Philip has been busy writing 16 other titles including DIY books, self-help guides, and energy conservation instructions.  All of these have the same heart-based motive behind their creation, that of raising your consciousness and lowering your impact on our planet.

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Althea and Phil