Althea Rose

Today I am embracing a new walk of life by expressing myself as an artist. I am following my Bliss. My artwork is the expression of my magnificent connection with the Divine to my physical self which has caressed me with an infinite abundance of joy and love. I hope you are able to enjoy and feel the love in my artistic expressions. Thank you for taking the time to let me share with you.

I am wonderful, delightful, wise, sassy, smart, beautiful, kind, gentle, silly, mature, jovial, playful, witty, savvy, serious, brilliant, loving, happy, giving, compassionate, expressive, adventurous, mischievous, humble, eager, passionate, serene, thoughtful, introspective, spiritual, cute, caring, and centered...just like you!

I forgot everything.
My path began on Earth.
I search for Earth's comfort.
Comforts became illusions.
Oh sweet illusions, where is thy heart?
In desperate need I seek to depart.

Spirit comes and expands my cluttered mind.
My soul reveals a light without time.
I surrender to the love...of myself.
I am Spirit, I am Earth, and I am All.
I am the Divine Child of Love and Light.
I am All and so art Thou.